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Pizza Dough

Pizzas and calzones grilled on a pizza stone should have a crisp, flavorful, golden brown crust. We have found success with both homemade and store-bought dough. We encourage you try different kinds of dough until your find your favorite.

Many store-bought pizza dough products are quite tasty, convenient to use and moderately priced. Most grocery stores offer fresh or frozen dough balls, often found in the produce or deli sections. Pre-made packaged pizza crusts, like the Boboli Thin Crust round, turned out well during our testing. Be cautious of any dough that is quite thin, like the Pillsbury refrigerated tube crusts. While they may work well in a 425° oven, they could not withstand the high heat of the grill and during our tests, burned before the toppings were heated through and the cheese melted.

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The porterhouse steak is, in my opinion, the ultimate cut of beef. The porterhouse has a strip steak on one side of the center bone, and a tenderloin steak on the other. This cut offers a much larger tenderloin than its cousin, the t-bone. The steak should be marbled (threads of fat); this fat in the meat will help keep the steak juicy and add natural flavor. I like to grill a thick cut (1 ½” to 2”) and slice and serve it family style.

There are countless rubs and marinades you can use to flavor your steaks. However, for this article, I want to emphasize how simple grilling and dressing techniques can result in the juiciest and flavorful steak you’ve ever grilled.

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