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Pizza stone reviews

Please read what some of our customers are sharing with us about their experience with pizza stones! If you would like to add a customer review, please add it as a comment below.

“Getting perfect pizza from our Weber grill has been a quest for a long time. With this pizza stone it’s finally possible. The crust tastes just like it came from a wood-fired oven, and is evenly cooked all the way through. The stone came with very helpful instructions to get started, a hand-written thank you note, and a little piece of wood for that smoked flavor. Highly recommended!” – K. Roberts

“Contrary to popular belief, it takes very little money to feed a family of four. We make three medium sized pizzas at once on this large pizza stone. Surprisingly, making high-quality pizza without a traditional pizza oven proved to be done easily with perfect results using this pizza stone. The pizzas were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but this stone provides the perfect platform for grilled pizza. I would recommend the pizza stone to anyone who likes superb pizza. P.S. Adding the wood chunk that came in the package and following the enclosed grilling directions made us believers in “wood-smoked” pizzas, it was awesome, and we’ll never grill another pizza without a wood chunk.” – Sally-Ann Howard

“This pizza stone is simply the best. Not only did it help my family create the BEST tasting pizza ever, but it also let’s the whole family enjoy the fun. It is large enough for two pizzas at a time, was packaged well, and will be used weekly in our home. Friends and family will be begging you to know where to get this pizza stone. This will bring our backyard entertaining to a whole new level. Turn your “not so gourmet” dad, into a Pizza Grilling Hero with this product. Thanks Red Sky Grilling!!!” – Anthony

“I recently recieved my pizza stone from Red Sky Gilling Products. It came in perfectly package for shipping which prevented any damage UPS could have caused. Upon opening it, I noticed to my delight that it was a heavy, well made product. We used it the first night, and ate delicious pizza grilled easily and conveniently on my barbecue. The pizza had a special unique flavor unlike pizza from the oven that my family loved. Red Sky – you have a great product!!!!!” – The Duke

“Was very skeptical on how much better pizza could be all from this product. So, my friends and I are got together to try out this product. One word pretty much sums it up, WOW! I’ve had oven stones before, traveled to Italy and Spain, but this pizza… from this stone… was simply incredible! This company could easily put a money back guarantee because anyone who loves great food would never give this stone back once they tasted the product. Hats off Red Sky and thanks for an insanely good product!” – P.M.

“We bought the grill recently and we made a fun family activity out of making and cooking the pizza. The kids, who are picky eaters, got to choose the toppings and how much cheese and sauce (one of the kids does not like ANY). Definitely for people who like good food and real, fresh ingredients!!! I highly recommend the grill stone.
ps – We have used our grill so much that we have become very good at it! We are enjoying it more and more, discovering toppings you cannot get at most restaurants including carmelized onion, fresh garlic and sweet potatos.” – Eric M.