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Grilling Recipes

Steak and Cheese Calzone

The first time we grilled a calzone on a pizza stone, we had no idea how amazing it would taste. It’s a delicious crowd pleaser that can be served hot off the grill or made ahead of time and served at room temperature. You’ll enjoy it as next-day refrigerator leftovers, too.

This Steak and Cheese Calzone is a family favorite. Sharp provolone cheese, sliced rib-eye steak, mushrooms, and roasted peppers combine to form an incredible filling. We add smoked paprika to complement the wood smoked flavor of the grill. This is a perfect calzone recipe for your pizza stone!

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With the grilling season around the corner make sure you check out our favorite pizza toppings for grilled pizza. These pizzas are guaranteed to come out great on your pizza stone.

Remember to prepare your pizza dough (see our pizza dough recipe) for toppings by first spreading a thin layer of olive oil (to the edges), and seasoning with salt and pepper. To maximize your prep time, once rolled, place the dough on a cookie sheet or pizza peel. If using fresh dough, first sprinkle a liberal amount of cornmeal on the peel/sheet to avoid sticking while transferring to the pizza stone.

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A terrific grilled pizza starts with terrific dough. Many local markets offer a variety of dough for convenience ranging from fresh to pre-baked crusts. But you can make your own at home, either by hand, in your bread machine or in an electric mixer. This recipe yields about 4 medium thin pizza crusts or 2lbs of dough. It’s easy to freeze unused dough.

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Red Pizza Sauce

We like to make a large batch of pizza sauce at once. Storing the pizza sauce in plastic baggies (about a cup’s worth of sauce per baggie) and freezing them is a great time-saver. There are many different ways to make basic red pizza sauce, here is my favorite. I strongly suggest you use San Marzano tomatoes, for the extra few dollars per tin, the upgrade in flavor is well worth it.

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