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Red Sky Grilling Products

We are sorry, but Red Sky Grilled Pizza Stone is no longer available. Try this one instead. It’s the only Pizza Stone with Thermarite. Durable, certified safe. Good in ovens & grills. 14 inch Round. Recipe ebook and free scraper included.

Introducing the Grilled Pizza Stone

Changing the Way You Make Pizza at Home with our grill accessory!!

The Grilled Pizza Stone is here! Specifically designed for a 22 ½” kettle grill (like a Weber Grill) this pizza stone works great on gas grills too. By taking advantage of your grill’s high heat and ability to control natural wood smoke, in combination with the Grilled Pizza Stone’s unique shape and material, anyone is able to make great-tasting, wood-smoked, thin-crust pizzas at home.

Outdoor grills can reach temperatures up to 1000°F; the Grilled Pizza Stone is designed to perform without cracking at temperatures approaching 2300°F. The Grilled Pizza Stone is not only thicker than conventional oven pizza stones, it is made from an exclusive and unique heat resistant compound. It’s ideal for the super high heat conditions in your backyard grill. The unique “D” shape allows for maximum cooking area while allowing enough oxygen to fuel the coals and wood chunk below. Just like an old-world clay or brick oven, the Grilled Pizza Stone’s material draws moisture from your pizza’s dough as it cooks, resulting in a crispy, crunchy crust. Not only does it crisp the crust, it allows the pizzas to cook long enough without burning so the cheese gets bubbling hot, and your toppings are heated through.

The last key element to making authentic old-world style pizza is the wood smoke flavor. When used in conjunction with a hinged grill grate, adding a wood chunk to your grill is a breeze. Introducing smoldering wood to the cooking process enhances the pizza’s natural flavor with a subtle, yet distinct old-world style pizza ovens taste. Better yet, the technique to grill great pizza couldn’t be simpler.

The Grilled Pizza Ston

Free pecan wood chunk included.

  • Grill delicious thin crust, wood smoked pizza and calzones using your backyard charcoal or gas grill. The wood chunk technique gives pizza a rustic, old-world style flavor.
  • The Grilled Pizza Stone’s dimensions are 20 ½” wide x 16” long x .6 “ high. Fits all mid-size and large gas grills and all 22 ½” kettle charcoal grills.
Grilled Pizza Stone and Wooden Pizza Peel Set

Wooden peel measures 12”W x 13.5”L plus 9” square handle. Free pecan wood chunk included.

  • The Grilled Pizza Stone’s unique material is designed to endure the high heat of grill – up to 2300° Fahrenheit. Its unique material draws moisture from pizza dough as it cooks, resulting in a crispy, crunchy crust.
  • The Red Sky Pizza Stone’s unique D-shape maximizes your grilling surface; its large size can accommodate two 12″ x 9″ surfboard-shape pizzas or multiple calzones at once. Finally, a pizza stone for the grill that’s large enough to feed the whole family!
  • Send this special gift to your favorite griller! Order the Grilled Pizza Stone alone or pair it with the Pizza Peel. The Grilled Pizza Stone and Wooden Pizza Peel Set ship in the same box. Free chunk of pecan wood is included!

The Red Sky Pizza Stone is proudly made in the USA; Patent Pending.